Going beyond hearing

Widex Audiological Summit 2017: Going beyond hearing
Widex is proud to present the Widex Audiological Summit 2017 – an event showcasing future trends and insights in hearing aid design, audiology and business solutions.

An exciting academic programme focuses on this year’s theme ‘Going beyond hearing’ and includes such renowned speakers as Nina Kraus, Sandra Sieber and Ingrid Johnsrude.  The programme also includes a visit to Widex headquarters where there will be detailed demonstrations of all Widex’ innovative solutions, poster sessions and a factory tour.

The presentations will be CEU/CPD accrediated from major accredited companies.

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The venues:

AC Hotel Bella Sky

Center Boulevard 5
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tlf: +45 32473000
Website: acbellaskycopenhagen.dk

Widex A/S

Nymoellevej 6
DK-3540 Lynge
Phone: +45 44355600
Website: widex.com 
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Nina Kraus, Ph.D., Northwestern University 

Dr. Nina Kraus (brainvolts.northwestern.edu) is the Hugh Knowles Professor of Communication Sciences and Neurobiology at Northwestern University. Dr. Kraus, an expert in the field of auditory learning, has researched the neurobiology of sound for decades, with the overarching goal of improving human communication by harnessing the brain’s potential to change. 

She has found that experience shapes the hearing brain over time for better (such as through music training, hearing technologies) or worse (listening and language disorders, aging). These brain changes have salient impacts on learning and communication. Kraus’ work is rooted in translational issues, working to bring scientific understanding and new technologies into clinical and educational settings. 

Francis Kuk, Ph.D., ORCA-USA, Widex A/S

Francis Kuk, Ph.D. received his PhD in Audiology from the University of Iowa in 1986. He has assumed a research scientist and hearing aid clinic director position at the University of Iowa department of Otolaryngology and a faculty position at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

He has been active in the hearing aid industry since 1994 where he served committee roles in various industry associations and interacted with government bodies including the FDA.  He is currently the VP of Clinical Research at Widex where his primary roles include clinical research, knowledge dissemination and strategic planning. 

Dr. Sandra Sieber, IESE Business School

Dr. Sandra Sieber is currently Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Information Systems at IESE Business School. She is also the Academic Director of the IESE Global Executive MBA. From 2012 to 2014 she was based at IESE's New York Center, where she served as Director of Academic Programs. She has also served on a regular basis as an Academic Director of Custom and Open Programs at IESE.   
Currently, most of her work is centred on how the digital rise is affecting organizations from a variety of perspectives. First, she is an avid student of how the current technological changes impact business models, both in terms of how they allow for the rise of new value propositions, as well as for their potential to impact their target markets. In this vein, she is especially interested in understanding how existing companies can increase their capabilities to quickly adapt and react, and how their main leaders have to develop a digital mindset to be able to incorporate the digital dimensions into their daily decision making.                    
Dr. Sieber has published scholarly and general articles in national and international journals, magazines and newspapers, and contributed to several books. She usually presents her work in the leading conferences of the field, such as ICIS and ECIS. She has served on the organizing committees of a number of conferences. To mention a few, in 2007, Sandra Sieber was the Academic co-chair of the IFIP 8.2 Working Conference in Portland, OR, and served as a track chair at ICIS 2010. In 2012, she co-chaired the European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS) in June 2012, and the Doctoral Consortium of the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS) in Orlando, Florida in December of 2012. 

Ingrid S. Johnsrude, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Ingrid Johnsrude, BSc from Queen’s University and a PhD in clinical psychology (neuropsychology) from McGill University in 1997, where her supervisor was Prof. Brenda Milner. Following a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Functional Imaging Laboratory (now the Welcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging) at University College London (UK), she was recruited to the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge (UK). In 2004 she returned to Queen’s University, where she was appointed Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and established the Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication and Hearing (CoNCH) lab. 

She and her lab moved to Western University in 2014, where she is now Western Research Chair and full professor. Ingrid and her trainees use behavioural and neuroimaging methods to study the processes by which acoustic information in sound is transformed in the brain into meaningful language, in both young and older individuals.

Karolina Smeds, Ph.D., ORCA-EU, Widex A/S

Karolina has an MSc in Engineering physics and a PhD in Hearing Technology from Sweden and an MSc in Audiology from the UK. In 2001, she spent one year at NAL in Sydney as a part of her PhD, working on loudness aspects of the NAL prescription. 

She has been working as an engineer in a school for deaf children in Stockholm and she has been lecturing at the Audiology program at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Since 2006, Karolina is the Director of Widex external research laboratory ORCA Europe, based in Stockholm. 

Les Jones, Creative Director 

Les Jones is a creative director, photographer and magazine publisher. He has worked within the dental sector for the past six years helping dental practices become more commercial and creative in their approach to business, with a specific emphasis on marketing and brand development. 

Outside of the dental sector, Les publishes his own, one-man creative magazine called ‘Elsie’. Elsie is an eclectic magazine that, when launched in 2011 was voted 'one of the top ten new magazines in the world' by the prestigious New York Library Journal. 

Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer, Agillic Ltd

Rasmus Houlind is best known for being the author of the best-selling book on omnichannel: “Make it all about me and I’ll buy it!” currently sold in more than 2000 copies in Scandinavia. His Omnichannel Hexagon model and the corresponding digital survey platform provides guidance and overview in a field that is ever challenging and changing and has been adopted by the Danish Chamber of Commerce as one of the guiding tools for Danish companies who want to put their customers first and create seamless customer experiences across channels to drive customer loyalty, ambassadorship and increased repeat purchases. 

He has more than 10 years of experience behind him working in digital agencies with clients such as; Tivoli, Matas, DONG Energy, FLSmidth, Interflora, Toyota, Flügger, OKQ8 and many more. Besides being a popular keynote speaker, he is currently the Chief Strategy Officer in the marketing automation company Agillic Ltd. He holds a master’s degree in Information Studies from Aarhus University where he graduated in 2005.

Dr. Robert Sweetow, Ph.D., University of California

Dr. Robert Sweetow is Professor Emeritus and former Director of Audiology at the University of California, San Francisco. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University, M.A. from the University of Southern California and B.S. from the University of Iowa. Dr. Sweetow has written twenty five textbook chapters and over 130 scientific articles. He is reviewer for several journals, author of Counselling for Hearing Aid Fittings and a former member of the Board of Directors of AAA. He was the co-developer of the LACE auditory training program.

Dr. Sweetow has been an invited lecturer at more than 300 meetings worldwide, and is a highly sought after speaker for his informative and entertaining style. His research interests include amplification, counseling, rehabilitation, neuroscience, and tinnitus. Dr. Sweetow was the recipient of the prestigious 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Academy of Audiology. 

John Cohn IBM Fellow and IoT chief agitator 

John Cohn is an IBM Fellow in the IBM Watson Internet of Things Division. He is the Chief Scientist for the Worldwide Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich. His current focus is on physical infrastructure for IoT, open data, internet of things communications and real time data analytics. Before joining the IoT Division, John has been an innovator in the area of design automation for both analog and digital custom integrated circuits. John received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at MIT, and earned a Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the IEEE in recognition of his contributions to the design automation for high performance custom circuits. John has authored more than 30 technical papers and has contributed to four books on design automation. He has approximately 70 patents in the field of design automation, methodology, circuits and smarter systems.

John is active in education issues at a local, state and national level. He is so passionate about promoting STEM careers that he spent 59 days living and inventing in an abandoned steel mill as part of Discovery Channel's technical survival show "The Colony".  John lives with his family in a restored 19th century schoolhouse in Jonesville Vermont and is eager to share his love of science and technology with anyone who will listen.


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